Dragon's Lair Walkthrough
Drawbridge: After Dirk falls through the hole in the bridge (S) then (U) to . The horse will crash to safety back into the castle and Dirk will get up and walk through a door. You don't . Clattering skulls will fall out at Dirk's feet and try to bite him. . Move (U) to go through the door between two converging stone blocks. Whew!

Walkthrough for Infinity Blade by RPGillespie
The time frame is large enough to pull off Huge, Mega, and even Ultra Hits (see Combo section). . The Castle Drawbridge (T) - Enemy 2 . Use up your magic and your super if you haven't done so already, and use up the rest of your blocks. . Shield Gold+++ --------------------------------------------------- Iron Skull 3600 11800 .

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